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Podcast on Efficient Computing

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I had the pleasure to record a new podcast in our LIACS Computers don’t byte series. I had the opportunity to discuss Efficient Computing, with some focus on efficient deep learning. You can find it on Spotify.

Episode Description

Rob van Nieuwpoort is Professor of Efficient Computing and eScience at LIACS. His research focuses mainly on augmenting the efficiency of software and applications. But it also tackles the challenges posed by large-scale simulations housed within data centers. In this era where the demand for storage capacity skyrockets, reaching a point where accommodating all data becomes impossible.

In the 1960s, Moore’s Law predicted the doubling of transistors on a chip every 2 years. Our current times finds us confronted with the constraints of chip capacity. And that is a fundamental problem for the future. But fortunately, Rob Van Nieuwpoort sees solutions.